Uden titel

curator and jury member The Biennale for Craft & Design 2023 at Copenhagen Contemporary / 2023. Photo: TABLEAU

curator A Space Where Your Voices Can Live by Lise Haller Baggesen at Roskilde Festival / 2023

curator A Space Where Your Voices Can Live by Lise Haller Baggesen for Malmö Art Museum / 2023

curator Amorphous Solid by Sally Santana part of Bricks Extended/ 2023

curator and writer Twelve Rooms by Mathias Malling Mortensen at Bricks Gallery / 2023

co-curator EAT THE RICH a performative seminar on capitalism, power, and the role of the art institution at Malmö Konstmuseum / 2022

co-curator, publication editor and writer HEM for Malmö Konstmuseum / 2022

co-curator Museum Why? experiment-based learning network founded by Malmö Art Museum, KIASMA, Trondheim Art Museum and Museet for Samtidskunst / 2021-

writer THIS LAND solo exhibition by Jon Erik Nyholm at Bricks Gallery / 2022. Photo: Kristian Touborg

project lead, concept development and publication editor Sustainable Societies for the Future for Malmö Konstmuseum & EXPO Chicago / 2021

editor and writer Betonbarierer by Esben Klemann / 2020

curator and writer SUPERPOSITION, solo exhibition by Mette Colberg at Officinet / 2020. Photo: David Stjernholm

curator and project lead FORM project – a collaboration between Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art and Interactive Spaces Urban Studio/Alexandra Institute / 2017-18 

project coordinator Welcoming by Signe Guttormsen / 2017

editorial board member and project manager Malede tegninger på papir by Torben Ebbesen / 2017

project coordinator The Nordic Book by Søren Rønholt / 2014